Living in the Future: The Revolutionary Yo Home

Published May 25, 2013
Updated December 6, 2017

Said to be the most space-efficient home ever, the Yo Home is a fit for James Bond or the Jetsons.

Yo Home

Source: YO! Company

In a world where we want it fast and we want it now, companies must continuously try to keep up with consumer demand, and the Yo! giants are no exception to that rule.

Chances are at some point you’ve stumbled across Yo! Sushi or heard about the new Yotels springing up around the globe. In their latest venture, they’ve developed a futuristic flat fit for the modern age.

Yo Home Bedroom

Source: YO! Company

Founded by Simon Woodroffe, the new Yo! Home premiered at the 100% Design Show in 2013 and is said to be the most space-efficient home ever created. The bedroom may be elegantly elevated into the ceiling to reveal a swanky, sunken lounge area. And for those late night flat parties, a trapdoor transports thirsty guests to a wine cellar.

Yo Home Lounge

Source: YO! Company

Dining Room

Source: YO! Company

Red satin seats flip back into a dining area, complete with floor mood lighting. The flat’s mechanics mirror the workings of a stage and feature a total of 12 moving parts.

Yo Home Pictures

Source: YO! Company

Kitchen In The Yo Home

Source: YO! Company

The rear wall may not be maneuvered only to reveal extra floor space; it may also transform into a stylish kitchen unit. The cooking space has all the mod cons you need: an oven, hob, microwave and even a handy cubby hole for the breakfast bar stools.

Yo Home Cinema Room

Source: YO! Company

The Most Space-efficient Home Ever

Source: YO! Company

When the kitchen wall is moved forward, a projector screen descends from the ceiling and the built-in speakers around the room create the ultimate home cinema experience. If that’s not enough for the efficient epicurean, you can lower the bedroom to watch TV in bed. And at the press of a button, the space transforms from one room to the next.

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