43 Stunning Photos Of The Ziegfeld Follies, The 1920s’ Sexiest Broadway Revue

Published April 19, 2016
Updated July 16, 2021

These Ziegfeld Follies photos will transport you back to a time when sex was a touch more glamorous than it is today.

Fanny Brice By Edward Steichen For Vanity Fair
Follies Spider Dance Via Maudelynn.tumblr.com
Harriet Hoctor Via Dieselpunks.org_
Helen Lee Worthing By Edward Thayer Monroe
43 Stunning Photos Of The Ziegfeld Follies, The 1920s’ Sexiest Broadway Revue
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When producer Florenz Ziegfeld put together a small group of showgirls for a lighthearted summer show in 1907, nobody could have imagined the giant Broadway hit and lavish revue it would become. Yet the Ziegfeld Follies ran until 1931 -- and would jumpstart the careers of several successful future Hollywood actresses.

For those of us who missed the Follies in their heyday, there's always Alfred Cheney Johnston's iconic, wildly popular Ziegfeld follies photos.

Though there were a startling number of performers in rotation over the years, Johnson's stunning portraits of the Follies' resident vixens capture the epitome of desirability -- and in the 1920s, this meant something a little different than it does today.

Take a peek inside Broadway's salacious past with our gallery.

Now that you've witnessed the Ziegfeld Follies, take a glimpse into what New York City looked like before it was New York, and take a peek at Times Square at the height of its criminality.

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