20 Of The Most Famous Sports Photos

Published May 7, 2014
Updated September 18, 2014
Sports Photos Bolt

Source: Sports Mole

9. Usain Bolt breezes to victory – breaking records as he goes – in the 100m Olympic final in Beijing, 2008.

Sports Photos Bobby Orr

Source: Buzzfeed

10. Boston Bruins Bobby Orr celebrates his Cup-winning goal during overtime in the Stanley Cup finals against the St. Louis Blues in 1970s.

11. One of the greats of the ice game, Wayne Gretzky bids farewell to the crowd at Madison Square Gardens after playing in the final game in of his career in 1999.

Sports Photos Jesse Owens Berlin

Source: Buzzfeed

12. In one of the most poignant Olympics images ever, this photo highlights Jesse Owens’ refusal to accept Hitler’s regime at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Hitler hoped to showcase Aryan supremacy during the event, but Owens’ four gold medals put a spanner in the works.