Abraham Lincoln’s Brief Life As Explained By Photos

Published March 27, 2015
Updated March 17, 2016

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, which means photography was developed in his lifetime. Like anything that comes into the world while you’re a young adult, men of Lincoln’s generation found photography very exciting and often commemorated important milestones by sitting for a portrait. Lincoln, who was a prominent lawyer in Illinois before becoming an even more prominent politician, sat for more than his share of pictures.

Unfortunately, the Fates decreed that the life of Abraham Lincoln was to be filled with grief, and the years left their marks on the man’s face like a well-worn dirt track. Sadly, though Abraham Lincoln lived in an age of photographs, he died a generation before we could capture his (thin and reedy, by all accounts) voice, leaving this (largely) photographic record as almost all we have of him.

Abraham Lincoln Photos First Portrait
Abraham Lincoln Photos 1854 Paper
Abraham Lincoln Photos Messy Hair
Abraham Lincoln Photos Ambrotype
Abraham Lincoln’s Brief Life As Explained By Photos
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Richard Stockton
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