5 Animals With Superpowers Way Cooler Than X-Men

Published August 3, 2014
Updated February 5, 2018

Alpine Ibex

Animals With Superpowers Ibex

They can give Spider-Man a run for his money Source: Imgur

Here is a gravity-defying animal that laughs (bleats, actually) in the face of danger. That is because the alpine ibex mountain goat can climb places that no other animal would even dare breach. These include dams, cliffs and mountain sides that are almost vertical.

Alpine Ibex

I can see my house from here Source: Skene Intelligence

All goats have a reputation for being excellent climbers, but the ibex is probably the top of its class. Because it has short legs and a low-slung body mass, the ibex has a very low center of gravity. It also has extremely powerful muscles, especially in its rear legs. However, its most prized assets are definitely the hooves. They are designed with a thin, solid external rim and a soft central area which makes them ideal for climbing.

Animals With Superpowers Ibex Climbing

Now you know where the phrase “sure-footed as a mountain goat” comes from Source: Wikimedia Commons

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