Ayahuasca, The Most Psychedelic Tea You’ll Ever Try

Published October 31, 2016
Updated May 7, 2019

Everything you need to know about ayahuasca, the psychedelic brew straight out of the Amazon that has taken the West by storm.

Old Ayahuasca Vine
Chacruna Leaves And Vine To Bo
Man In Peruvian Amazon With Pot
Man Making Chacapas
Ayahuasca, The Most Psychedelic Tea You’ll Ever Try
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The potent Amazonian brew known as ayahuasca has recently taken the West by storm. Hipsters, bobos, and yogis all now seek the psychedelic drug in warehouses and retreats from New York to Berlin. Some adventurers and purists even travel to the depths of the Peruvian jungle to retrieve it.

It's no wonder why: users describe ayahuasca as the purest trip of all, one which proponents say yields about ten years of therapy in the span of a few nights. So what do these trips look like, and how is ayahuasca prepared? Take a look in the above gallery to find out.

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