14 Famous People You Had No Idea Were Avowed Drug Advocates

Published September 29, 2016
Updated November 19, 2019

From historical figures to modern-day celebrities, these famous people have openly admitted to drug use and/or advocated for legalization.

Steve Jobs
Sigmund Freud
Morgan Freeman
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14 Famous People You Had No Idea Were Avowed Drug Advocates
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The very notion of a "stoner" usually conjures up the image of a lazy, unemployed teenager sitting on the couch in their parents' basement -- or much, much worse. However, there are scores of successful artists, thinkers, captains of industry, heads of state, entertainers, and innovators who put an altogether different face on the image of a drugs advocate.

Setting the obvious examples aside -- no Willie Nelsons or Snoop Lions here -- you may not have realized that the 14 well-known public and historical figures above are on-the-record proponents of drug use and/or legalization, with some even stepping into the drugs business themselves.

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