The Terribly Inaccurate And Bad Science In 6 Of Your Favorite Films

Published June 30, 2014
Updated May 14, 2018

Independence Day

Bad Science Independence Day Jeff

Source: Flick Sided

“Hey Mr. Goldblum, we are in quite a pickle here; turns out sophisticated aliens want to destroy us all and live here on Earth. We’re going to need you to write some malware code to bring down an entire alien computer system.

Yeah, we’ve had access to their scout craft for 50-some-odd years, and our top scientists couldn’t figure the darn thing out! Think we can get that virus delivered in about an hour? Wow, thanks! The Earth owes you one.” …and lo, Earth was saved because aliens were thoughtful enough to install USB or parallel ports on their computers to grant Earthlings access.

Erin Kelly
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