The Most Bizarre Haunted Places In The World

Published November 5, 2012
Updated September 1, 2017

Bizarre Haunted Places: The Old Ashe County Hospital

Located in Ashe County, North Carolina, the hospital in question is well-known throughout the area for various paranormal activity. Most investigators have reported hearing disembodied voices that sounded like doctors or patients going about their tasks as if the hospital was still in operation, while others have heard voices responding to their presence or asking questions. While aural activity seems most prevalent in this case, some teams have also caught images of ghostly mists and orbs on location.

Hot Lake Hotel and Sanitarium: Vacation for the Dead

Built in Oregon in the late 1800s, Hot Lake Hotel was originally built as a vacation spot thanks to its ideal location near a natural hot springs, but was quickly purchased and converted into a sanitarium and hospital for the mentally ill. After a fire nearly destroyed the building, it was once again converted back into a hotel, but many believe parts of the sanitarium remained.

Owners and guests at Hot Lake have reported hearing footsteps and voices throughout the hotel as well as seeing spectral individuals walking around the grounds. The last owners of the location also reported hearing music playing a lack thereof on the premises as well as screams and shouts coming from the areas that once served as a hospital.

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