20 Amazing Chemical Reaction GIFs

Published December 29, 2013
Updated August 25, 2017
Published December 29, 2013
Updated August 25, 2017

Blood meets hydrogen peroxide

Blood And Hydrogen Dioxide

Source: Iitmne

Sodium acetate crystallization

Sodium Acetate

Source: Imgur

Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction

Chemical Reaction GIFs Belousov Zhabotinsky

Source: GIF Trunk

Water bridge formed by electric current

Chemical GIFs Water Bridge

Source: Imgur

Alpha particle trails from radioactive decay of Radon 220

Chemical GIFs Radon Alpha Particles

Source: Imgur

Snake venom meets blood

A lightbulb burning out

Chemical GIFs Lightbulb

Source: Wiffle GIF

Aluminum and iodine

Chemical GIFs Aluminum Iodine

Source: Imgur

Dehydration of sugar in sulfuric acid

Bonus Awesome Chemistry Videos

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