This Is What The World’s Greenest City Looks Like

Published March 25, 2015
Updated March 9, 2015

A place that embraces efficient public transportation, accessible green space and harnesses the power of nature isn’t a utopian fantasy; it’s the capital of Denmark. Recently, the Global Green Economy Index gave Copenhagen the title of “greenest city in the world” with a perfect score of 100 in terms of perception and performance. In the assessment, Global Green Economy authorities wrote that “Denmark relentlessly communicates its commitment to green growth through a variety of strategies and tactics.”

Copenhagen leads the world in green urban planning and design, pioneering transportation initiatives, and clean technology. While many in the rest of the world are burning tires and wasting water, the city acts a role model of environmental advancement and responsibility.

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This Is What The World’s Greenest City Looks Like
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If you can't get enough of the Danish capital city, be sure to check out The New York Times' "36 Hours in Copenhagen" short below:

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