Vintage Photos Of Creepy Dolls And The Factories That Made Them

Published July 4, 2016
Updated December 11, 2022

These disturbing vintage photos of creepy dolls go one step further and take you inside the doll factories where nightmares are made.

Baby dolls aren’t necessarily the finest fodder for nightmares, but these photos of creepy dolls and doll factories from the 1930s to the 1950s may just change your mind:

Creepy Dolls
Dolls' heads waiting to dry in the factory. Merlyn Severn/Picture Post/Getty Images

Doll Heaven
A young girl laughs at the sight of dolls' heads at the Ideal Toy Company in Long Island, New York. The company was one of the largest toy producers in the world in 1955. Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images

Doll Mould
Doll parts in an injection mould at Cascelloid's factory at Leicester, England in 1951. Kurt Hutton/Picture Post/Getty Images

Leg Production
In the factory of Cascelloid Limited, the limbs of the famous Patsy doll hang up to dry. Kurt Hutton/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Doll's Eyes
A worker trims the eyelashes on a pair of doll's eyes at a factory in Totton, Southampton, which specializes in the manufacture of doll parts. William Vanderson/Fox Photos/Getty Images

Doll Factory
A row of doll's heads in a German factory circa 1950. FPG/Getty Images

Doll Factory
Doll factory in France preparing for Christmas. Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

Baby Doll Heads
A worker painting celluloid doll heads at a Leicester, England factory. Harry Todd/Fox Photos/Getty Images

A worker paints doll faces at a factory in Italy.Keystone-FranceGamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Inside a Paris doll factory in 1945.Keystone-FranceGamma-Rapho via Getty Images

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