Farkas Zsolt Takes on Classic Art With Incredible 3D CG Work

Published April 5, 2014
Updated February 28, 2018

3D artist Farkas Zsolt used CG to create a three-dimensional replica of a 19th century classic painting. Can you tell which is real?

Farkas Zsolt 3D Artwork

Source: CG Society

While the photo above might appear to be a snapshot of the Benczúr Gyula’s 1885 painting, Budavár visszavétele (Buda Repossession), it’s actually the work of 3D computer graphics (CG) artist Farkas Zsolt. What began as a challenge from his wife has evolved into a near-exact replica of the classic painting. Compare the original painting (below) with his 3D CG creation (above).

Original Painting of Battle of Buda

Source: Wikipedia

To create the CG 3D models, Zsolt first analyzed the painting’s composition and determined how the characters were positioned within the 3D space. Once placed within the program, he modelled each character with a full rig, meaning that each could be animated, and “painted them.” Despite the complexity and enormity of the project, Farkas Zsolt finished the entire picture in less than a few months.

3D Modelling Positions

Source: Behance

Farkas Zsolt Detailed 3D Models

Source: Behance

Dimensions of Painting Recreation

Source: Behance

3D Mask Layers

Source: Behance

If you need to see the 3D creation to believe and understand it (we did), check out this incredible video, which provides an awesome behind-the-scenes look at the detail that Farkas Zsolt put into creating this GC masterpiece:

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