The Best Little-Known Stories About America’s First Ladies

Published March 20, 2017
Updated March 21, 2017
Ron And Nanc
Jackie Horse
Julia Grant
Mary Todd Lincoln
The Best Little-Known Stories About America’s First Ladies
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The job description of "first lady" is perhaps the most ambiguous in the country.

There's no application. There's no salary. There are no quotas or qualifications. And yet, these women face more scrutiny than almost anyone else on the planet.

The wiggle room for interpreting this position can make studying the diverse range of females who have filled it -- the shy and the bold, the ambitious and the contentedly supportive -- more interesting than taking yet another look at their overly-analyzed counterparts.

Unhampered by official duties, the women of the White House have approached the position with ingenuity, drama, and cunning. And behind closed doors, they've made huge impacts on the presidency.

Above, check out some of the most surprising facts about the White House's main women from the New York Historical Society's recent panel of expert first lady lovers.

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