Satan Once Lived In The White House–And More Surprising Facts About Our Founding Fathers

Published July 4, 2015
Updated February 1, 2018

America's founders were trailblazers, but the Founding Fathers' beliefs were often quite bizarre.

Founding Fathers Surprising Beliefs

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We can thank our Founding Fathers for giving us an annual excuse to overindulge win barbecues, beer and fireworks–and for being some real characters:

Founding Fathers Flatulence

John Adams Satan

Alexander Hamilton New York Post

James Madison Small

Shakespeare Adams

Ben Franklin Facts

John Adams Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers Loved Alcohol

George Washington Brewery

Sam Adams Failed Brewery

Ben Franklin on Nudity

Founding Fathers on Slavery

Thomas Jefferson Facts

Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr

Founding Fathers Facts

Ben Franklin Facts

George Washington Fears

Abagail Adams Founding Fathers

George Washington Hated Wigs

Bear-Size Sloths

America's Founding Fathers were some of most influential--and controversial--people in our history. This historical documentary explores some of the conspiracy theories surrounding our trailblazing founders:

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