The 31 Most Ridiculous And Funny X-Ray Images You’ll Ever See

Published June 28, 2016
Updated May 29, 2020

From candy canes to hand grenades, these hilariously weird and funny X-ray images prove that people will stick anything up any orifice.

If you want to see images of the human body pushed to its breaking point and beyond, become a radiologist. After all, every harrowing ER trip involving bizarre objects that find their way into the body is documented in X-rays. And naturally, some of those images are pretty freaky.

Here’s a collection of the most supremely weird and funny X-ray images you’re ever likely to see:

Weird Funny X Rays Cutlery Set
52-year-old Margaret Daalman, whose x ray is above, swallowed 78 pieces of cutlery.The Daily Mail

Knife In Head X-Ray
This knife lodged in a skull was the result of a 2008 robbery gone wrong.Imgur

Live Grenade In Stomach
This grenade is live, reportedly swallowed by a terrorist who realized too late that the grenade couldn’t be detonated from inside a stomach. The Sun

Funny X Rays Live Round
A live artillery shell inside someone’s rectum. Oddee

Crazy X-Rays Nail Through Face
A construction worker got this x-ray after complaining about a toothache. Turns out he shot a nail into his face.The Sun

Weird X Rays Nails
No surgery needed here: These nails were all passed without perforating internal organs.Imgur

Funny Xray Images Swallowed Engagement Ring
Learn a lesson from this New Mexico couple: Don’t hide an engagement ring in a milkshake.The Sun

Weird X Rays Spoon
This x-ray shows the stomach of a 22-year-old Chinese student who accidentally swallowed a spoon when a friend startled her.The Telegraph

Stabbed By Scissors X-Ray
A man was stabbed in the head with scissors during a bar fight. He recovered.The Telegraph

Scissors In Neck
This pair of nine-by-four cm scissors slid down this man’s esophagus when he tried to use them as a toothpick.Smashing Lists

Surgical Scissors
Sometimes the surgeons don’t remember all of their instruments.Imgur

Tongs In Head Photo
These fire tongs were thrown through the back of a man’s head and stuck out his forehead.The Telegraph

Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear explores the true last frontier. Don’t expect to see this in Toy Story 4.Blogspot

Weird X Rays Candy Cane
A candy cane somehow makes its way up this person's derriere.College Humor

Funny Xray Pictures
Here’s one way to hold an iPod.Daily Caller

Cassette Tape In Intestines
An analog cassette tape, from someone who presumably hasn’t upgraded to iPods.Imgur

Salad Tongs Xray Picture
These salad tongs ended up just as stuck as the vibrator they were used to fish out.Oddee

Funny X-Ray Images Cell Phone
We doubt there's much cellphone service here.Daily Cognition

Eiffel Tower Keychain
An Eiffel Tower keychain inexplicably winds up embedded in this person’s hand.Daily Caller

False Teeth In Stomach
Swallowing your teeth is easier when you've got a set of dentures.Guff

Funny Xray Toothbrush
This patient swallowed a toothbrush on a dare.The Telegraph

Fork In Foot Xray Image
Don’t leave forks lying on the floor. This could happen to you.

Barbie In Butt
A decapitated Barbie makes a home in this person's body. College Humor

Funny Xrays
Is this the key to someone’s heart? College Humor

Weird X Rays Lightbulb
This lightbulb may have reminded the medical workers of the Operation board game.Imgur

Weird X Rays Nose Trimmer
This nose hair trimmer wasn’t being used for its original purpose.Imgur

Crazy X-Ray Images
A safety pin lines this poor individual's esophagus.The Telegraph

X-Acto Knife In Chest
This X-Acto knife was wrapped in toilet paper. Imgur

This bug spray can probably won’t be useful in there.Radiopaedia

Whisk X-Ray Picture
This x-ray reveals a whisk that somehow found its way into a rectum.Blogspot

Funny Xray Spongebob
SpongeBob SquarePants didn’t complete his trip to Bikini Bottom and instead wound up lodged upside down in the throat of a 16-month-old child.Radiopaedia

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