Eleven Haunted Sites Around The World

Published June 30, 2011
Updated February 12, 2018

Ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, blood-curdling screams -- step out of a horror movie and into these eleven amazing real haunted sites!

Ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, blood-curdling screams -– step out of a fictional horror movie and into eleven real-life haunted sites from around the world:

Haunted Sites Around the World

Haunted Sites Around the World: Raynham Hall, England

Nestled in the countryside of Norfolk, England, Raynham Hall was built by Sir Roger Townshend and has been in the Townshend family for 300 years. It also houses the most famous photograph of a ghost, the Brown Lady. The photo was captured by Country Life magazine in 1936, and depicts a white figure descending stairs.

Stories of a ghost haunting the Hall started in 1835 – when guests present at a Christmas party in the house described and sketched an apparition dressed in brown – and ran rampant throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Brown Lady is said to be the ghost of Lady Townshend – second wife of Viscount Townshend – who is rumored to have been locked up in the house by her husband.

Raynham Hall England Paranormal Activity

Haunted Sites Around the World: The Myrtles Plantation, USA

Haunted Sites Myrtles Plantation

Built in 1769 by General David Bradford, The Myrtles Plantation, is home to at least twelve ghosts. Rumors abound that ten people were murdered at the Myrtles Plantation, though only one murder – that of William Winter, whose ghosts crawls up to the seventeenth stair where he died – is confirmed.

The most famous ghost roaming the Plantation is that of Chloe, a slave who became the house owner’s mistress and was subsequently hanged for her adultery. Other ghosts cited on the premise include:

  • An Indian woman who was buried in the supposed Indian burial ground on which the house stands
  • A little girl who performs voodoo on sleeping patrons
  • The poisoned Woodruff family who leave handprints on the mirror
  • Civil War soldiers who supposedly died in the house

Though most of the stories aren’t verified, countless witnesses can attest to the paranormal activities in the house.

Eleven Haunted Sites Around the World

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