History News 2022

History Uncovered Episode 53:
The Most Interesting History News Of 2022

Published September 29, 2023

These are the most interesting news stories of 2022, from the shipwreck that may have inspired The Goonies to the Australian town that was taken over by kangaroos.

In 2022, All That’s Interesting published more than 300 news stories covering stunning archaeological discoveries, shocking crimes, strange animals, and scientific breakthroughs.

But of everything we published this year, certain stories stood out to us. And today, we’re going to dig into our favorite news stories of the year, from the kangaroos that overran an Australian town to the discovery of the Oregon shipwreck that might have inspired The Goonies — and many more.

A surprising number of articles this year had to do with animal encounters. In the Australian town of Maaroom, for example, we covered how an influx of 60-80 aggressive kangaroos wreaked havoc on the tiny town of just 220.

“There are too many to count, really,” one resident said. “People are walking around with a big stick now. I’ve been wanting to go fishing of an afternoon but I won’t do that, just in case a kangaroo gets me. They’re just so quick you don’t know where they are.”

Another especially astonishing story from this year also had to do with an animal invasion. When Russian wildlife photographer Dmitry Kokh was forced to seek shelter on the tiny island of Kolyuchin during a storm, he discovered to his delight that the abandoned Soviet buildings on the island had been taken over by polar bears.

“Nature is always sending you something when you least expect it and when we passed through Kolyuchin Island near the Northern coast of Chukotka, we saw some movements in the windows,” he later explained. “And when we got close — those were bears! Never before they were seen in those buildings, so that was a once-in-a-lifetime situation.”

Most Interesting News Stories Of 2022

Dmitry KokhAccording to Dmitry Kokh, Kolyuchin Island and its buildings were home at least 20 polar bears.

We also covered a number of remarkable discoveries from all over the world. These included timber from a 17th-century shipwreck in Oregon that may have inspired the film The Goonies, a 630-foot-deep sinkhole in China with an incredible forest growing at its base, the rediscovery of the world’s clearest UFO photo, and the discovery of a fossilized dinosaur who may have died on the day an asteroid struck, wiping out a significant portion of the prehistoric life on Earth.

Discover more of the most interesting history news stories of 2022.

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