21 Photos That Capture The Magic Of Iceland’s Northern Lights

Published March 1, 2018
Updated February 5, 2019
Published March 1, 2018
Updated February 5, 2019

For centuries, photographers have journeyed north to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights – and it seems that Iceland is the best place to do it.

Northern Lights In Iceland
Volcano With Northern Lights
Iceland Northern Lights
Northern Lights Of Iceland Over Water
21 Photos That Capture The Magic Of Iceland’s Northern Lights
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If you're ever lucky enough to take a trip to the Arctic circle, there is one thing you absolutely must see – the Northern Lights.

For centuries, the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights or the Polar Lights, have dazzled those who reside in the highest latitudes of the earth. And for those who aren't lucky enough to live near the arctic circle, they've created a sort of mecca.

Photographers, both amateur and professional, have traveled hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to capture the beauty and awe that the Aurora has to offer. One of the most popular places to chase the lights is in Iceland.

Due to the earth's magnetic pull, the lights only appear at latitudes of 60 degrees or above. At 64 degrees, Iceland is the perfect place.

For more than half the year, eight months to be approximate, the Iceland Northern Lights are visible in the skies above. From early September through the end of April, weather permitting, the lights dance through the skies, casting a greenish glow on the cities and fjords below.

The lights beauty has drawn intrigue and spurred legends over the years, being called everything from a celestial warning to the glinting armor of the Valkyries – legendary female Norse warriors.

Perhaps the only way to really understand them is to travel to Iceland and see them for yourself.

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Katie Serena
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