The Ten Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s

Published June 18, 2012
Updated July 25, 2019

A decade defined by war and insurmountable courage and loss -- a look at the ten most iconic photos of the 1940s!

The Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s: Hitler in Paris, 1940

Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s Hitler In Paris

Taken at the height of World War Two and after Adolf Hitler had taken Paris, this picture depicts Hitler surveying his conquest with his various cronies and became one of the most iconic photos of the 1940s and World War 2.

The Last Jew in Vinnitsa, 1941

The Last Jew of Vinnitsa

This powerful image of the death of the last Jew in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, was found in the album of an Einsatzgruppen soldier. The name of the image comes from the label at the back of the photo, and succinctly conveys what happened in Vinnitsa: all 28,000 of the Jews living there were killed.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 Photograph

Shot in 1943, this is one of the best-known pictures of World War Two, as it depicts the terror inspired by the Nazis. The image above shows the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, which was the forced home to thousands of Polish-Jewish citizens.

Though the most poignant part of picture is the frightened little boy in the foreground with his hands up as he is forcibly removed from his hiding place.

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