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Published December 27, 2014
Updated January 12, 2018
Published December 27, 2014
Updated January 12, 2018

China’s Massive Pollution Problem

This past November, China made waves when it brokered a deal with the United States to reach peak carbon emissions by 2030. And given the fact that China’s air pollution has led to the nickname “smogpocalypse”, that deal makes a good degree of sense. We explore the Chinese pollution problem through photos, and it has been one of our most successful posts to-date. Check it out!

1950s and 60s Egypt: When Arab Modernity Allowed Bikinis

Once the heart of the Arab Spring, Egypt is in a constant process of making–and unmaking–its history. The Egyptian people first ousted president Hosni Mubarak in 2011, and held a critical election in 2012 that resulted in the presidency–however brief–of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi. When democracy’s fundamentalist fruits left a good chunk of Egyptians with a sour taste in their mouth, Morsi was removed and replaced with military dynamo Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. While Egypt might appear very much in flux today, these photos of Egypt in the 50s and 60s suggest that a secular and stable Egypt is very much possible.

The World Cup’s Dark Side

The 2014 FIFA World Cup ushered in record-breaking ratings, but these views did not translate into viewers’ full understanding of the Cup or its surrounding controversies. The Brazilian government fell under major scrutiny for placing the wants of transnationals over its own people, using police violence to seal off Brazil’s “undesirables” from Cup visitors, and much more. From dirty sportsmanship to governance, we go inside the World Cup’s dark side, and encourage you to have a look.

4 Perspectives On Jesus That Might Surprise You

Much to their chagrin, American fundamentalist Christians don’t and can never have a monopoly on what Jesus looks like, or how his message is understood. From Hindu to Muslim renderings (fun fact: Jesus, or Isa bin Maryam, gets mentioned more times in the Koran than Muhammad does), Jesus has assumed a number of forms to a number of people, and we wanted to bring his most interesting iterations right to you.

The ISIS Terror Group In Photos

Pending your political persuasion, ISIS’ development is a reason why we should have stayed in Iraq and Afghanistan, or why we never should have been there to begin with.

What is not up for debate, though, is how the militant terror group–through social media campaigns or executions uploaded to YouTube–has changed the mediums through which terror can be waged, and how we respond to it. Terror is now “trending”, and that’s incredibly important. Learn more about ISIS here.

Inside The Israel-Gaza Conflict

While the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is nothing new, 2014 marked one of its bloodiest and most tragic years yet. A number of schools, hospitals and, consequently, civilians, fell victim to Israeli air strikes in Gaza this year. Over 1,400 people have died in this year’s conflict, with meaningful resolution nowhere in sight. We explore the situation through photos, which are all available for your viewing here.

The Worst Ways To Die

One day, all of us will die. However many extra hours that fate might keep us up at night, it could always be worse: we could shed our mortal coil upon being crushed by an elephant’s hoof. Or, you know, by suffering a broken nose during a particularly raunchy copulation and hemorrhaging until bleeding to death. Or, well, just about anything else that appears on our list of the worst ways to die.

The Best Photos Of Salvador Dalí Being Salvador Dalí

All That Is Interesting is more or less an amalgamation of cultures, colors and eccentricities, and it’s for that reason that we like to think of Salvador Dalí as our spirit animal. With Dalí’s persona as inimitable as his art and affectations, it only makes sense that we pay tribute to the king of surrealism through his most fantastically nonsensical portraits.

The World’s Craziest Dictators

North Korea’s recent hacking of Sony is just the latest example of how absolutely loco those in positions of power can be when it comes to preserving their ego and identity. Kim Jong-Un is not the first of these megalomaniacal loons, nor will he be the last. We’ve combed through history books and found the craziest of the crazy dictators, in case you want to see just how dangerous unchecked power can really be.

The Most Beautiful National Parks That You Need To Visit

There are more than 400 national parks in the United States, each either representing a place of great scientific, educational or recreational value, or being known for their exceptional beauty. Covering all climates and land types, these national parks are some of the most breathtaking locales in all of the world.

How Photojournalism Killed Kevin Carter

Much of what we cover and curate at All That Is Interesting can fall under the umbrella of photojournalism. And while its fruits can trigger an immediate, powerful response of millions of people around the world, we tend to think too little about the people behind the camera, and what effect these photos and events have on them.

When covering conflicts, journalists of all stripes face nagging, impossible to answer questions: do we simply cover the conflict, or as more fortunate outsiders are were morally compelled to intervene?

If we intervene, to what extent are we changing outcomes and sacrificing our professionalism? In particularly bleak scenarios like those photojournalist Kevin Carter covered, these questions can be absolutely debilitating. So much so that they can, as in Carter’s case, lead the journalist to commit suicide. We tell Carter’s story, and it’s without a doubt one of our most important posts of the year.

Life Inside North Korea

While North Korea has not suffered a shortage of news headlines this year, most coverage has focused on the high-heeled Dear Leader and not so much the people. Thankfully, there are a handful of photographers and journalists who have gotten into the isolated country, sifted through the state-sponsored propaganda and have produced visions of North Korean life that do not appear that dissimilar to our own.

Life In Iran Before The Revolution

When trying to understand why the world looks the way it does today, it’s often helpful to start with the Cold War. The case of Iran is no exception. The United States, wanting to maintain reliable–and cheap–oil access, helped overthrow Iran’s democratically-elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and re-install the Shah monarchy in the thick of it all. The Shah presented a “modern” Iran where restrictive fundamentalist thought was not welcome, even though the regime did little to reduce structural gender inequalities and encouraged Western dress and “open-mindedness” through force. In any event, as these photos suggest the Shah’s Iran looks worlds different than the Ayatollah’s Iran. Which makes us wonder: just what exactly would the people’s Iran look like?

7 Bizarre Cultural Practices

For better or worse, it is part of the human condition to associate something unknown to you as bizarre, terrifying, primitive, or somewhere in the middle of all of them. We look at body mutilation or masochism in South Asia and Subsaharan Africa as entirely odd and out there–which isn’t to say that it isn’t–but, some food for thought: how might members of these groups understand (or not) the off-the-wall visual stimuli present at a Miley Cyrus concert?

In any case, humans have come up with a number of pretty weird ways to signal their association with a particular group. We’ve chosen the strangest of them all and shared them with you.

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