5 Interesting Countries Most People Know Nothing About

Published September 20, 2014
Updated November 21, 2017

From tropical paradises to Europe's hidden gem, these are the most interesting countries on Earth.

Interesting Countries To Visit Bosnia
Amazing Countries Bosnia Jablanica
5 Amazing Countries Bosnia Tekija
5 Amazing Countries Bosnia Treskavica
5 Interesting Countries Most People Know Nothing About
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Whether it's the countries we learn about in school as children of the countries we travel to as adults, most of us seem to get stuck on the same small handful of nations. And as wonderful as it may be to visit France or hike through New Zealand or relax in the Bahamas, planet Earth has 195 countries that can be truly fascinating to visit or simply learn about.

From a gorgeous island nation to a formerly war-torn European state whose true beauty now shines through, these are the most interesting countries to visit and learn about around the world.

After this look at Earth's most interesting countries to visit, check out the most interesting history facts as well as interesting quotes ever uttered.

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