15 Interesting People That History Somehow Forgot

Published November 7, 2017
Updated June 25, 2020

History may have forgotten them, but we haven't. Meet 15 interesting people who never got the credit they deserved.

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15 Interesting People That History Somehow Forgot
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Thanks to record keeping, historical documents and word of mouth, there are interesting people from history that everyone knows about, like Galileo, Thomas Jefferson, Rosa Parks, or Henry Ford.

Most inventors, dignitaries, and social activists make a lasting impression on history. Their names make it into textbooks, classes and eventually become household names. They become so well known that when someone asks "who is the most interesting person in the world?" there's a chance that one of those people is the answer.

However, there are some interesting people who do amazing things and somehow never get remembered for them. Sometimes they were simply doing the right thing at the wrong time. Sometimes the fact that they were never credited was purely a mistake, or there was no one around to see their achievement.

Other times, their achievement was purposely erased from history due to social constraints, or segregation. Many women or black people went uncredited for years following their discoveries or inventions or achievements, simply because society did not allow them to take credit for them.

Whatever the case, the point remains that history has forgotten a fair amount of people, who deserve to have their stories heard.

People often forget about the likes of like Sybil Ludington, the female version of Paul Revere, or Margaret Howe Lovatt, the woman who lived in a half-flooded home with a dolphin. Some individuals are just too mysterious to remember such as Agent 355, whose identity remains a secret to this day.

Despite their absence in most history books, they remain some of the most interesting figures in history.

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Katie Serena
Katie Serena is a New York City-based writer and a staff writer at All That's Interesting.