The 5 Most Interesting Parades In The World

Published December 20, 2013
Updated November 7, 2018

Day Of The Dead

Interesting Parades: Día de los Muertos

Traced back to an ancient Aztec ceremony to worship the god of the underworld and the afterlife, Día de los Muertos (the day of the dead) has developed into a three-day celebration in Mexico. Typically beginning on Halloween, many use Día de los Muertos as a way to pray and provide offerings for deceased relatives and friends.

More fascinating, however, is the way that participants worship the dead. Evident in the pictures above and below, participants do their best to look like the dead by donning makeup to resemble skeletons while also sporting other traditional symbols of the afterlife.

Day Of The Dead Make Up

Interesting Parades

Source: Flickr

Day Of The Dead Altar

Interesting Parades Day Of The Dead Figurines

Lego Costume At Day Of The Dead

Source: Flickr

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