The Most Awesomely-Eccentric Japanese Products

Published May 21, 2013
Updated February 5, 2018


Ever wanted to know exactly what your cat is saying? With Meowlingual, the mystery behind your cat’s cries is finally gone. This Japanese device promises to translate your cat’s ‘language’ from a series of purrs into phrases such as “I can’t stand it” and over 200 more expressions.

The quirky device records your cat while it speaks to you and matches the noise with its closest human translation. And while it’s up to you to determine how much faith you put into these translations, it’ll cost you around $75 to try it out.

Portable Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing

Source: Blogspot

For those who can’t be bothered to find a pedestrian crossing like your fellow pavement chasers, just make traffic stop for you. With this portable zebra crossing, you can truly cross the road wherever you want; that is to say if you’re bold enough to assume that traffic will pause based solely upon your whim. If you do assume so, you may simply walk into the middle of the road, lay down your crossing and then walk back across it as you wish. Or, well, attempt to.

Japanese Products Zebra Crossing 2

Source: Rich Film

Training Wheels for High Heels

Japanese Products Heels 1

Weak ankles have been the bane of more sartorial females for centuries, but now they can’t come between you and a pair of Jimmy Choos. How? Training wheels. Fresh from Japan, these subtle heel wheels provide your body with the perfect balance as it acclimates to its new footwear. As with removing the training wheels from your Huffy, though, anticipate some embarrassing falls soon after.

Japanese Products Heels 2

Source: HHHipsters

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