The Most Awesomely-Eccentric Japanese Products

Published May 21, 2013
Updated February 5, 2018

Cat Foot Mops

Japanese Products Mops

Source: Tofugu

Fresh from the mind who brought the baby mop into the world comes another design to make housework a little easier and your cat a little cuter. Simply attach these mini mops to your cat’s feet and watch as it polishes the floors to purrfection. If you’re feeling particularly tech-savvy, you can then use the Meowlingual to see what the cat thinks of being made to do the housework.

Noodle Hair Guard

Japanese Products Hair Guard

Source: Ramen Zundo

Imagine you’re amid a magical miso soup moment when, all of a sudden, you taste not seaweed or tofu in your spoonful but rather your own hair. While the potential for this scenario might be few and far between for you, it is not so for many Japanese. Within this noodle hair guard, you can eat without the presence of that quiet, first-world terror of accidentally noshing on a hair follicle. A more practical alternative, however, would simply be tying your hair up.

Butter Stick

Japanese Products Butter Stick

Source: Tofugu

The epitome of a first world problem? Lamenting the fact that your butter simply doesn’t spread evenly enough on your daily toast. Thankfully, there’s a Japanese cure for that superficial ill. Roll the stick around your bread or toast and spread like you would a glue stick. N.B. Not to be confused with lipstick.

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