José Mujica Quotes That Could Change Your View on Politicians

Published February 4, 2015
Updated February 8, 2018

The Uruguayan president worked to reduce inequality without sacrificing economic growth or free speech, and these José Mujica quotes show why he's still revered as a catalyst of change in Latin America and beyond.

Former President of Uruguay Jose Mujica was once considered the poorest, most humble leader in the world. Mujica took office in March 2010 but never moved into Uruguay’s presidential palace. Instead, he opted to remain in his run-down chrysanthemum farm that he shared with his wife and several animals.

Though Mujca is no longer president, he created his own legacy within the political landscape – one that suggests presidents are not kings, but lowly civil servants, and should behave as such. The following Jose Mujica quotes outline the views of the 80 year old man that managed to legalize marijuana, abortion, and gay marriage in Uruguay:

Jose Mujica Quotes On The Poor
Jose Mujica On Consumerism
On Being President
When Politicians Become Kings
José Mujica Quotes That Could Change Your View on Politicians
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