What We Love This Week, Volume LXXIII

Published July 11, 2014
Updated September 30, 2014

Photographer Visits Mountain Peaks Around The World And Delivers These Fantastic Photos

Caught the travel bug but not the budget? Fear not; photographer Max Rive is here to help. Rive’s mission as a photographer is to take us to the world’s highest mountain peaks and document the rich topography below. Through his perspective, Rive leaves us in awe and feeling humbled at the same time. See more at My Modern Met.

What The World Cup Looked Like In The ’70s

Vintage World Cup Argentina

Source: Fast Company

So in case you missed it, we’re kind of obsessed with the World Cup. This year’s Cup will no doubt go down in the history books, and it is there where the guys at Fast Company turn when getting all nostalgic about this quadrennial spectacle. 1970 is perhaps the most important year for the event, as it was the first year the World Cup was broadcast in color. It was also the year that Brazil assembled what many deem the sport’s best team ever–which naturally included Pelé–and won. Amid the glam that defined the 1970s, the “beautiful game” has never seemed so iconic.

Vintage World Cup Pele

Source: Fast Company

Vintage World Cup Training

Source: Fast Company

Funny Zebra Crossing Art Around The World

Zebra Crossing Fries

Source: A Plus

To most, pedestrian signs and signals evoke little more than sighed acknowledgment. But with the right perspective, signs like zebra crossings can transform into the perfect artist’s canvas. A Plus takes us all around the world — from Germany to Japan to Kyrgyzstan — to witness the myriad ways in which street artists have spiced up the standard zebra crossing and turned it into something that you not only obey, but can’t seem to tear your eyes away from.

Zebra Crossing Peanuts Abbey Road

Source: A Plus

Zebra Crossing 3D

Source: A Plus