Six Of The Craziest And Most Terrifying Gods Ever Described

Published June 8, 2017
Updated August 30, 2023

Mythological Gods: Kali

Kali Craziest Gods

Wikimedia CommonsKali sculpture from Calcutta, 1913

Hindu: Goddess of Time and Change
Consort: Shiva

The Hindu goddess Kali is the ultimate embodiment of “I am woman, hear me roar.”

The mistress/wife of the god Shiva (who is usually rather calm and benevolent), she is known for her violent outbursts and is often illustrated standing on or trampling Shiva while wearing a skirt of human arms and severed heads.

The most famous Kali legend involves her slaying Raktabija — a demon who, when wounded, can reproduce from one drop of his own blood.

This special skill made him rather difficult for humans to destroy, so Kali was called upon to assist them.

She defeated Raktabija by drinking his blood and then devouring his body and along with all of his clones. She then danced manically in celebration, trampling the dead bodies and her own lover, Shiva.

Craziest Gods Kali

Wikimedia CommonsKali etching, 1770

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