Our Favorite Images Of Pluto — So Far

Published October 17, 2015
Updated October 23, 2019

Images from the New Horizons spacecraft continue to astound scientists and space enthusiasts alike. Here are our favorite Pluto pictures.

Pluto Pictures

Pluto mosaic made from New Horizons LORRI images taken 14 July 2015 from a distance of 80,000 km. Image Source: NASA

The dwarf planet is packing some serious beauty.

Photos emerging from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft continue to amaze scientists and space enthusiasts alike, revealing more details on our solar system’s itty-bitty misfit.

If you are so inclined, you can read an evaluation of the expedition’s initial scientific results, just released this month, here.

Instead of posting them individually, we’ve aggregated our favorite photos to have been downlinked from New Horizons so far. Enjoy:

Pluto Images Heart
Pluto Images True Color
Pluto Images Color Variations
Pluto Images Charon Pluto
Our Favorite Images Of Pluto — So Far
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Below, watch a July 2015 talk by the New Horizons team regarding their findings — and don't forget to check out these space facts which prove life on Earth is boring:

All images come from NASA.