21 Fascinating Steve Jobs Facts That Reveal The Man Behind The Apple Empire

Published October 10, 2015
Updated September 28, 2018

Twenty-one interesting Steve Jobs facts to acquaint you with the man behind some of the world's most revolutionary machines.

Steve Jobs Facts

Premiering this weekend, Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle’s latest film Steve Jobs provides viewers with insight into the life of one of the United States’ most brilliant — and flawed — innovators.

If you don’t make it out to theaters this weekend or have yet to crack open your copy of the 2011 biography on which Boyle’s film is based, here are 21 facts about Steve Jobs to acquaint you with the man behind some of the world’s most revolutionary machines:

Steve Jobs Facts Apple

Steve Jobs Facts Hygiene

Steve Jobs Facts Wozniak

Steve Jobs Facts Father

Steve Jobs Facts Adoption

Steve Jobs Facts Hp

Steve Jobs Facts Anywhere

Steve Jobs Facts Ropout

Steve Jobs Facts Joan Baez

Steve Jobs Facts India

Steve Jobs Facts Lsd

Apple Unveil

Steve Jobs Facts Pixar

Steve Jobs Facts Ipod


Steve Jobs Facts Dollar

Steve Jobs Facts Coding

File Photo Of Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs Smiling After Apple's Music Themed September Media Event In San Francisco, California

Steve Jobs Talks About The ICloud Service At The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference In San Francisco

Steve Jobs Facts Flags

Steve Jobs Facts Unmarked Grave

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