The Best Street Art Of 2011

Published March 6, 2012
Updated February 9, 2018
Published March 6, 2012
Updated February 9, 2018

While 2011 proved to be a year of constant economic malaise occasionally punctuated by political upheaval and rebellion, it didn’t stop the more creative minds from producing some of the best street art the world has ever seen. Here is All That Is Interesting’s favorite street art of 2011:

3D Figures Best Street Art 2011

Wrapping Walls Best Street Art 2011

Wire Cats Street Art

Secret Amazing Street Art Of 2011

Spidey Street Art 2011

Heroes Best Street Graffiti 2011

Puddle People Best Street Art 2011

Yellow Outlet Best Art 2011

Lounging Gator Best Street Art 2011

Lego Angst Best Pavement Art Of 2011

Morose Birds

Burger King Fantastic Street Art

Lego Ledge Street Art

Water Man Street Art 2011

Woven Tree Street Art 2011

Pacman Cool Street Art

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