This Week In History, May 28 – June 3

Published June 2, 2017

New Tiananmen Square photos, uncovered WWII bombers, Hemingway's love letters, Australia's faceless fish, Earth's mass extinction event.

Hidden Tiananmen Square Photos Released By Photographer After 28 Years

Tiananmen Square Protest David Chen

David ChenOne of these protestors appears to be a policeman, which wasn’t unusual for the time.

David Chen was 25 years old when the protest occupation began in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

A student at Dalian Maritime College, he led pro-democracy demonstrations in the northeast part of the country before joining the unprecedented movement in the country’s capital.

Chen set up camp on the square — joining about one million other protestors at the movement’s height. Unlike most of his counterparts, though, Chen had a camera.

Cameras weren’t common in China at the time, so the four rolls of film he went through became extremely valuable as the protests escalated into one of the most historic anti-government rebellions in modern history.

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Lost World War II Bombers Discovered On The Floor Of The Pacific After 70 Years

Bomber Gun

Project RecoverThe turret of one of the newly discovered bombers.

More than 70 years after American pilots flew these planes in combat against the Japanese, a pair of lost World War II bombers have been found lying at the bottom of the Pacific.

This week, Project Recover — a group dedicated to finding WWII aircraft and MIAs from World War II — announced that its researchers had found the remains of two B-52 bomber planes off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

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Hemingway’s Rediscovered Letters To His High School Crush Reveal A New Side To The Macho Author

Hemingway First Love

Ernest Hemingway and his high school love Frances Coates on a canoe around 1916.

Ernest Hemingway was, undeniably, a badass.

The Nobel Prize-winning author liked to hunt giant animals, slap his rivals with books and lead groups of resistance fighters in WWII.

But even the toughest of men get weak in the knees when it comes to puppy love.

And recently rediscovered notes to his high school crush prove that Hemingway was no exception.

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