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Published August 27, 2021

Ancient statue of a Greek goddess found in Turkey, prehistoric whale species discovered in Egypt, and Al Capone's favorite gun put up for auction.

Life-Sized, Headless Statue Of Greek Goddess Of Health Discovered In Turkey

Hygieia Statue

Gökhan CoşkunA recently uncovered statue of Hygieia, the ancient goddess of health and cleanliness.

Archaeologists just found a headless statue of a Greek goddess — and it might be linked to an ancient “health cult.” This statue honors Hygieia, who was revered as the goddess of health and cleanliness. Her name is the source of the modern word “hygiene.”

It was unearthed in Aizanoi, an ancient city in modern-day Turkey, which was once the site of a Roman-era cult that apparently worshipped her. Experts said, “During past digs in Aizanoi, finds related to Hygieia were also found. This situation makes us think that there may have been some construction and buildings related to the health cult in Aizanoi during the Roman era.”

Learn more about this incredible find here.

Scientists Discover An Ancient Four-Legged Whale They’re Calling The “God Of Death”

Four Legged Whale

TwitterThis amphibious beast terrorized prey some 43 million years ago.

Paleontologists in Egypt just uncovered a prehistoric whale fossil that belongs to a previously unknown species called Phiomicetus anubis.

A four-legged whale, this amphibious beast measured about 10 feet long and weighed about 1,300 pounds. It also had the ability to hunt prey both on land and in the water. Named after the Fayum Depression in the Western Desert and the ancient Egyptian god of death, there’s no question that Phiomicetus anubis was one frightening creature — with a very appropriate name.

Find out more about this discovery here.

Al Capone’s “Favorite” Gun And The Last Photo Ever Taken Of Him Are Up For Auction

Favorite Pistol Of Al Capone

Witherell’sAl Capone’s favorite gun, a 1911 semi-automatic, 0.45-caliber pistol.

Al Capone’s surviving granddaughters are auctioning off 174 items that once belonged to their grandfather — one of the most infamous gangsters in American history. The collection includes Capone’s “favorite” gun, a 1911 semi-automatic, 0.45-caliber pistol, which is expected to fetch up to $150,000. It also includes the last photo of him ever taken.

Learn more about this fascinating collection here.

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