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Published November 11, 2022

Ancient Roman theater discovered in Crete, history's first written sentence uncovered in Israel, Stone Age child who may have been buried with a wolf found in Finland.

2,000-Year-Old Roman Theater Found Nestled Into A Hidden Cove In Southern Crete

Roman Odeon In Lissos Crete

Hellenic Ministry of Culture and SportsWhile experts believe the theater could have hosted everything from lectures to musical performances to city council meetings, its exact purpose remains unknown.

While exploring a remote cove in southern Crete, researchers recently uncovered a Roman theater built approximately 2,000 years ago. Although the site was partially destroyed in the 4th century C.E. when an earthquake caused flooding that sent several massive boulders careening straight into the theater, it remains otherwise intact to this day. And this theater is just one of the area’s ancient treasures, which also include a necropolis with two-story tombs, Roman baths, a residential area, two churches, and a temple to Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of medicine.

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History’s First Full Sentence Using An Alphabet Was Just Discovered On An Ancient Comb — And It’s About Beard Lice

Comb With Lice Instructions

Dafna Gazit, Israel Antiquities AuthorityThe comb contains the first-known written sentence in Canaanite, an ancient language.

In 2016, archaeologists in Tel Lachish, Israel, unearthed a 3,700-year-old broken ivory comb from an ancient trash pit. Though the find was set aside for years, researchers recently took a second look and made a surprising discovery. They realized that the comb actually bore an inscription — thought to be the first full sentence ever found in the earliest alphabet.

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Archaeologists In Finland Discover The Remains Of A Stone Age Child Who May Have Been Buried With A Wolf

Stone Age Child And Wolf

Tom BjörklundAn artist’s depiction of what the child buried in Majoonsuo might have looked like.

Recently, a team of archaeologists working in eastern Finland made a fascinating discovery in the grave of a Stone Age child dating back 8,000 years. When they sifted through the soil, they found that various canine hairs were present alongside the body.

Though many of the hairs had badly deteriorated, their presence in the grave could imply that a dog or wolf was laid to rest at the child’s feet.

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