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Published September 11, 2020

Stack of ancient Egyptian coffins unearthed, Tulsa race massacre survivor calls for reparations, Rembrandt painting deemed a fake now believed to be real.

Trove Of Egyptian Coffins Sealed For 2,500 Years Found Inside A Necropolis Well

Pair Of Egyptian Coffins

Egyptian Ministry Of Tourism And AntiquitiesTwo of the 13 coffins recently unearthed at the Saqqara necropolis.

Archaeologists working at the historic Saqqara necropolis in Egypt recently unearthed a stack of 13 coffins found deep inside a well. The coffins were both unopened after 2,500 years and so well preserved that their original color drawing remained intact.

And with three unopened chambers found nearby, researchers expect to find even more coffins soon.

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One Of The Last Survivors Of The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Leads Call For Reparations

Captured Black Residents In Tulsa Riot

Tulsa Historical Society & MuseumBlack men being marched at gunpoint through the streets of Greenwood during the Tulsa massacre.

In 1921, one of the wealthiest Black neighborhoods in the U.S. known as Black Wall Street went up in flames. Shops and houses were burned down by a white mob that attacked the neighborhood and an estimated 300 innocent residents were killed in what is now known as the Tulsa Race Massacre.

As America continues to reckon with racial injustice, advocates and residents of Tulsa — many whom are descendants of those who suffered during the riots — have spurred government efforts to identify the missing bodies. Now, Black residents are fighting for reparations.

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This Rembrandt Painting Was Deemed A Fake — But Now Experts Say It Could Be Real

Possibly Authentic Rembrandt Painting

Ashmolean Museum/University of OxfordThe supposed Rembrandt painting that was deemed legitimate and then fake, but is now believed to be authentic after all.

Artworks by Rembrandt, the legendary Dutch painter, in particular, have been scrutinized by experts over the last decade determining their authenticity.

Now, another Rembrandt art piece — which was cast away to a museum’s storage room after experts previously dismissed it as a fake — is suspected to be an original art piece after all.

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