This Day In History, April 29th

What happened on this day in history: William Randolph Hearst is born in San Francisco, the L.A. riots begin, and more.

1429: Joan Of Arc Arrives In Orleans

Joan of Arc leads French forces into Orleans, France. Driven by “divine” instruction to drive out the English and place the dauphin Charles (later Charles VII) on the French throne, Joan brought troops to the besieged city and expelled English forces. Just over a year later, however, the English would capture Joan, find her guilty of heresy, and burn her at the stake.

1863: William Randolph Hearst Is Born

Today In History April 29

PhotoQuest/Getty ImagesWilliam Randolph Hearst in 1926.

William Randolph Hearst is born in San Francisco, California. A newspaper tycoon and the inspiration for Citizen Kane, Hearst bought a series of newspapers and increased their sales with sensational headlines later described as “yellow journalism.” He was worth billions by the time he died.

1945: Adolf Hitler Marries Eva Braun

Adolf Hitler marries Eva Braun while hiding in Hitler’s Berlin bunker. The F├╝hrer’s long-term mistress, Braun had been with Hitler for 14 years. But her marriage to the German dictator was much more short-lived, as both Braun and Hitler died by suicide just hours after their marriage.

1992: The L.A. Riots Begin

LAd Riots

Bettmann/Getty ImagesA news photographer runs past a burning guard shack in a parking lot in downtown Los Angeles, California, April 29, 1992.

Four Los Angeles police officers who had been caught on tape beating an unarmed motorist named Rodney King are acquitted of criminal charges.

News of the verdict quickly spread and ignited the L.A. riots which lasted for three days, killed 60 people, injured 2,000, and caused $1 billion in property damage. During the riots, many Korean shopowners found themselves abandoned by the LAPD and took up arms themselves.

2011: Prince William Marries Kate Kiddleton

Prince William weds Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London, England. The heir to the English throne, William met Kate while they were both studying at the University of St. Andrews. They were engaged in 2010 following a long courtship and have three children.