TreeHouse Point: The Treetop Getaway For Grown-Ups

Published June 23, 2015
Updated January 24, 2019

Explore TreeHouse Point, Washington's wondrous treehouse hotel, and discover its surprising ins and outs with these stunning photos and facts.

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TreeHouse Point Foggy Forest
TreeHouse Point Windows
TreeHouse Deck
TreeHouse Point: The Treetop Getaway For Grown-Ups
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Whether you're a kid at heart, a kid in actuality or just someone who always wanted to live like an Ewok, you'll understand the "primordial magic of treehouses." So says the preface to a 2013 New York Times interview with Pete Nelson, a former house builder who now plies his trade slightly above ground level.

Nelson founded a treehouse design and supply firm in the 1990s before opening his own honest-to-goodness treehouse hotel in 2006. The hotel, TreeHouse Point, features six treehouses spread over four acres of forest in Issaquah, Washington.

Given the hotel's uniqueness and all-around awesomeness, reservations have become increasingly hard to come by. While you may not be able to book one of TreeHouse Point's arboreal abodes for this year's summer vacation, you can at least get a taste of treehouse living and learn its surprising ins and outs in the gallery below:

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