Where Donald Trump Get His News

Published December 6, 2016
Published December 6, 2016

Trump's favorite sites include Breitbart, Daily Caller, Newsmax, the Gateway Pundit, and the Conservative Treehouse.

BuzzFeed News has created an interactive map that reveals where President-elect Donald Trump gets his news.

The results (above) reflect the frequency with which Trump has tweeted links to various news sites since launching his presidential campaign in June 2015.

According to BuzzFeed’s analysis, Trump’s media diet indeed informs his publicly expressed views. They report that many of the links that Trump tweets are of questionable accuracy, very one-sided, favor sensationalism over facts, quote Trump himself, attack his political opponents, or bolster his more controversial positions.

Furthermore, the analysis finds that Trump only promotes mainstream news to his followers when it validates his own opinions. And although politicians from both sides of the aisle share biased content on social media, “Trump’s reliance on sources and stories of questionable accuracy stands out both in frequency and in engagement,” BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel writes.

For one, Trump shared more stories from Breitbart than from any other news organization, which makes sense given the fact that Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon joined Trump’s campaign in August and was chosen to be a senior White House adviser soon after Trump’s election.

While Trump’s second most shared site was The Washington Post, he seems to prefer right-leaning, hyperpartisan sites and opinion blogs such as the Daily Caller, Newsmax, the Gateway Pundit, and the Conservative Treehouse.

In order, Trump’s three most successful news tweets — ranked by favorites and retweets — are: “Trump: ‘It Is Time To Drain the Swamp in Washington,'” by LifeZette; “Hillary Clinton PERSONALLY ordered ‘Donald Duck’ troll campaign that broke the law,” by the Daily Mail; and “Obama Spends 7 Minutes Dodging On Whether Iran Will Use $400 Million To Fund Terrorism,” by Need To Know Network.

Trump shared fake news as well, from websites such as Prntly.com, which used to sell business cards and postcards but now calls itself “America’s Top News Site,” and, according to The Washington Post, is run by a former ecstasy dealer from Albany, New York.

However, even more so than sites like Prntly.com, the president-elect’s favorite news sources are other Twitter users, including at least 75 retweets of white supremacists and a fake meme claiming false gun violence demographics.

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