The Vietnam War As Seen By Its Fearless Photographers

Published March 13, 2017
Updated October 29, 2019

While the quagmire may have technically ended some time ago, in many veterans' and war photographer's hearts, the Vietnam War rages on.

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The Vietnam War As Seen By Its Fearless Photographers
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During the Vietnam War, the United States military gave the press a remarkable amount of freedom to enter combat zones. Photos from the front lines appeared in every newspaper; footage of the conflict unfurled on televisions across the country.

Photographers in a sense became soldiers as well, risking their lives to tell the stories of those risking their lives abroad, amid an increasingly unpopular war. They worked to preserve the war for the history books, to ensure that the sacrifices of the soldiers did not go unseen.

Fifty years later, this catalog of images provides a vivid, harrowing account of one of the most trying conflicts the U.S. has seen -- and more broadly, cuts straight to the heart of war, its stark horrors and its striking banalities. It gives viewers a deeper understanding of what the soldiers and photographers lived through - and what many of them will never be able to shake.

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