These Pictures Will Make You Want To Visit Cuba

Published December 18, 2014
Updated April 20, 2015
Visit Cuba for Beautiful Sunsets

An incredible sunset in Havana, Cuba. Source: Rene Timmermans

Obama dropped some big news this week: after a 54-year-old trade embargo and decades of strained post-Cold War relations, the United States will move toward restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Reactions to the policy change have ranged from optimistic support to disgust. While many lawmakers have condemned the move claiming that it will only strengthen Castro’s iron-clad grip on Cuba’s people, many have praised the President’s decision to shake the past aside and move forward.

Despite less-than-friendly American-Cuban relations, around 100,000 American visit Cuba each year. A change in foreign policy means that in future years more people will be able to travel to the island, which lies only 90 minutes from south Florida. Dictatorship aside, Cuba is full of colorful cities, historic architecture, insane resorts and calm, white beaches. And after looking at these beautiful images of the island, you just might want to visit Cuba after all. (Of course, you’ll have to wait until the ban is formally lifted to book a ticket.)

Colorful City of Havana, Cuba
Colorful buildings in Havana, Cuba’s capital and largest city. Source: Michael Reardon

Havana Carnival 2014
The Havana Carnival is a sea of dazzling dancers, bright colors and massive crowds. Source: The Holiday Place

Visit Cuba and Vinales Valley
The Viñales Valley at sunset. Source: Talking Drum

Salon de Pasos Perdidos Beautiful
The Salon de Pasos Perdidos (Hall of Lost Steps) is known for its acoustic properties, as well as its incredible architecture and frescos. Source: Mountains of Travel

Trinidad Church in Cuba
The Church and Monastery of Saint Francis is home to Cuba’s Museum of the Fight against Bandits, which is meant to commemorate the battle that was fought against Fidel Castro’s regime following the Cuban revolution. Source: Wikipedia

Visit Cuba Street Art
Street art in Havana, Cuba. Source: Classic Resorts

Cienfuegos, Cuba
Cienfuegos, like many Cuban cities, embraces color. Source: Sojourner

Isla de la Juventud in Cuba
Serene doesn’t quite capture the sprawling, clear beaches of the Isla de la Juventud. Source: Turisti per Caso

Palacio de Valle in Cuba
Although the Palacio de Valle is almost 100 years old, it is still one of the most beautiful and ornate buildings in Cienfuegos. Source: Sojourner

Pinar del Rio Visit Cuba
The tropical landscape of the Viñales Valley in the Pinar del Rio Province. Source: Wikimedia

Prehistoric Drawings Cuba
Prehistoric paintings in the Pinar del Rio Province in Cuba. Source: Cuba Travel Services

Visit Cuba Jose Marti Monument
The José Martí monument at Revolution Square is one of Cuba’s tallest buildings. Source: Get in Travel

Trinidad, Cuba
Pastel buildings and rustic streets in Trinidad, Cuba. Source: Wikipedia

Zapata National Park
Migrating crabs cover the ground at Zapata National Park in Cuba. Source: Panoramio

Street art in Havana, Cuba. Source: Lyemium

Varadero Resort in Cuba
With a view like this, it’s easy to see why visitors love the Varadero resort. Source: Decoral Destinos

Visit Havana, Cuba
The colorful streets of old Havana. Source: Ryan Bolton

Yumuri Valley Bridge
Cuba’s Yumuri Valley Bridge. Source: Panoramio

Birds-Eye View of Havana
A birds-eye view of the Havana skyline. Source: Alex Fradkin

Cayo Largo
White sand, blue skies and clear water are a given at Cayo Largo, a beautiful island off the south coast of the northwestern part of Cuba. Source: Realact

Arco de Triunfo in Cuba
The Arco de Triunfo is a Parisian-inspired arch that's located in Cienfuegos on the southern coast of Cuba. Known as the Triumphal Arch in English, this structure was built to commemorate Cuba’s independence. Source: Mountains of Travel

Maria la Gorda Beach
With pristine beaches, María La Gorda is home to a popular international dive center. Source: Wikimedia

Visit Cuba and Baracoa
Visit Cuba and Baracoa

Want to hear more about how diplomatic relations with Cuba will change? Hear it from Obama himself:

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