These Pictures Will Make You Want To Visit Cuba

Published December 18, 2014
Updated April 20, 2015
Visit Cuba for Beautiful Sunsets

An incredible sunset in Havana, Cuba. Source: Rene Timmermans

Obama dropped some big news this week: after a 54-year-old trade embargo and decades of strained post-Cold War relations, the United States will move toward restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Reactions to the policy change have ranged from optimistic support to disgust. While many lawmakers have condemned the move claiming that it will only strengthen Castro’s iron-clad grip on Cuba’s people, many have praised the President’s decision to shake the past aside and move forward.

Despite less-than-friendly American-Cuban relations, around 100,000 American visit Cuba each year. A change in foreign policy means that in future years more people will be able to travel to the island, which lies only 90 minutes from south Florida. Dictatorship aside, Cuba is full of colorful cities, historic architecture, insane resorts and calm, white beaches. And after looking at these beautiful images of the island, you just might want to visit Cuba after all. (Of course, you’ll have to wait until the ban is formally lifted to book a ticket.)

Colorful City of Havana, Cuba
Havana Carnival 2014
Visit Cuba and Vinales Valley
Salon de Pasos Perdidos Beautiful
These Pictures Will Make You Want To Visit Cuba
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Want to hear more about how diplomatic relations with Cuba will change? Hear it from Obama himself:

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