20 Surprising Travel Destinations You Need To Visit This Summer

Published June 22, 2015
Updated February 26, 2018
Surprising Travel Destinations

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From historic wonders to unknown luxury getaways to Mother Nature’s most beautiful locales, these vacation spots from all over the world should definitely snag a spot on your bucket list. As you plan your next big trip, consider these surprising travel destinations from around the world.

Surprising Travel Destinations Valley of Fire
Meteora, Greece Surprising Travel Destinations
Isfahan Surprising Travel Destinations
Wulingyuan, China
20 Surprising Travel Destinations You Need To Visit This Summer
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As we mentioned before, Utah is home to some of the world's most incredible landscapes. But don't take our word for it. Check out the state's five national parks in under a minute in this promotional clip:

For a more in-depth tour of Chand Baori, check out this information video clip:

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For more travel ideas, check out our posts on European wonders as well as the incredible Fly Geyser right here in the U.S. to reignite your wanderlust.

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