Fantastic Photos Of Vintage Cuba Show Life Before Castro

Published July 13, 2014
Updated December 1, 2017

Before the island nation of Cuba became an object of political scorn by the United States, it was a glamorous destination for everyone from American movie stars to aristocrats to revolutionaries. While still isolated in many ways, Cuba is experiencing a resurgence in tourists and general travel interest. The island is a living, breathing testament to the mercurial nature of politics, and photos from Ramiro Fernandez’s fantastic Cuba Then remind us what Cuba once was — and what it could be again.

Havana 1925
Vintage Cuba Teenagers
Vintage Cuba Lucho
Crossdressers Carnival
Fantastic Photos Of Vintage Cuba Show Life Before Castro
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All photos come courtesy of New York Magazine and Parade. And if you enjoyed these beautiful photographs of Cuba, be sure to check out our posts on Afghanistan in the 1960s and amazing facts! Then, read the most powerful quotes ever by Ernest Hemingway.

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