33 Vintage Photos That Provide A Peek Into Life In East Germany

Published August 2, 2015
Updated January 9, 2018

During the Cold War and especially after the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, many parts of the world had few ways of fully ascertaining what life was like in East Germany. Indeed, the Eastern Bloc state was isolated from the West in both the physical and ideological sense for decades.

Today however, decades after the wall’s 1989 demolition, photographers from behind the Iron Curtain have been able to disseminate, via the Internet, images of this “closed” life in the East to the public, giving us visual insights into the many differences — and similarities, at least superficially — between East German and Western life:

Masked People Eating
Black Clothing Sunglasses
Large Portraits Flags
War Rubble
33 Vintage Photos That Provide A Peek Into Life In East Germany
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Next, take a look at this photo history of the Berlin Wall that divided East Germany from West throughout the Cold War.

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