What We Love This Week, Volume V

Published March 22, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

The Best Photos From The African Savanna

500 Pix Africa 1

Source: 500 Px

While a defining characteristic of a savanna is a thoroughly spread-out dispersion of small trees, the wildlife in the African savanna is incredibly large in terms of both size and spread. From the monolithic to microscopic, the African savanna’s denizens are about as diverse as you can get. That diversity is not immune from human impact, though: as climate change rears its ugly head more and more frequently, the African savanna has experienced extended dry seasons which often lead to decreased food supply and devastating wildfires. To take a tour of the African savanna without having to leave your office chair or don a safari hat, head over to 500 Px.

500 Pix Africa 3

Source: 500 Px

500 Pix Africa 2

Source: 500 Px

An Up Close And Personal Look At Nature

Microcosm 1

Source: Mental Floss

For every moment in which we ponder our boredom with the world around us, there’s something ten times as fascinating transpiring before our very eyes; we just have to look for it. In the 1996 documentary, Microcosmos, French filmmakers set out to find it. In the film, they capture the incredible day-to-day lives of insects and in the process relieve us of our modern ennui. And while the film’s protagonists aren’t Daniel Day Lewis or Meryl Streep, these insects–and much like their thespian counterparts–deserve our continual praise for simply existing. If you don’t have time for the movie, check out Mental Floss for a handful of great clips.

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