What We Love This Week, Volume XXI

Published July 12, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

Thierry Cohen’s Bewitching Darkened Cities

Considered a pioneer of digital photography, Thierry Cohen has spent over three years on “Villes Enteinetes” (Darkened Cities), a project which seeks to convey what the world’s major cities would look like at night were there no light pollution. To do so, Thierry precisely records the latitude of cities from Shanghai to Sao Paulo and combines the photos taken there with latitudinally corresponding, remote locales where stars are visible at night. The resulting message is spiritual and political, as Cohen’s composites leave the viewer questioning our impact on the planet as well as realizing the transcendental similarities between two seemingly disparate environments. To see more of what sleepless cities miss out on as they burn the midnight oil, head over to Twisted Sifter.

The Not-So Average Life Of A Wookiee

Sometimes a Wookiee just wants to skate. In Oregon-based photographer Mako Miyamoto’s Wookiee series, Miyamoto highlights the humanity of these hairy humanoids in between Stormtrooper-battles in all its mundane, picnic-packing and party-having glory. Check out the gallery at My Modern Metropolis to catch the Wookiees as they go on joy rides, practice Taekwondo and reflect on the color of their chakras while in child’s pose.

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