What We Loved This Week, Apr. 10 – 16

Published April 15, 2016
Updated April 14, 2016

Striking Photos Of Life In Soviet Lithuania

Life Soviet Lithuania

Image Source: So Bad So Good

Photographer Antanas Sutkus began documenting life in Soviet Lithuania after becoming disillusioned by the confines of the Soviet-controlled press. Most of his photographs were taken during the 1960s and 1970s, during a period of high poverty and a troubled relationship with Soviet rule.

Sutkus wanted to focus on ordinary people, especially children. “Childhood is the most important platform for me as a photographer,” he said. “Children are genuine, natural. They do not live according to ‘our’ laws.” View more photos at So Bad So Good.

Life Soviet Lithuania 2

Image Source: So Bad So Good

Life Soviet Lithuania 3

Image Source: So Bad So Good

Five Unusual Disorder Almost Too Weird To Be Real

Exploding Head Syndrome

“Exploding Head Syndrome.” Image Source: All That Is Interesting

Sure, “Exploding Head Syndrome” isn’t exactly what it sounds like (instead, it involves agonizing bursts of noise and flashes of light from within the brain). But “Auto-Brewery Syndrome” is even weirder than it sounds (that one involves your body getting drunk without any alcohol). Then there’s “Foreign Accent Syndrome,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

Get the unbelievable details on these and two other of the world’s strangest medical disorders.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

“Foreign Accent Syndrome.” Image Source: All That Is Interesting

Auto Brewery Carbs

“Auto-Brewery Syndrome.” Image Source: All That Is Interesting

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