What We Loved This Week, Jul. 24 – 30

Published July 29, 2016
Updated August 4, 2016

Andy Warhol shoots his celebrity friends, poignant historical photos big and small, the world of rabbit conventions, on the front lines against ISIS, Pablo Escobar’s family life.

Andy Warhol Photos

Vintage EverydayJohn Lennon, a year before he was shot dead, with fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick’s boyfriend poking his tongue out behind the Beatle.

Andy Warhol’s Rare, Candid Photos Of Famous Icons

Andy Warhol Photos 2

Vintage EverydayBlondie lead singer Debbie Harry

If you were one of Andy Warhol’s fabulous, famous friends, there was a great chance he photographed you. Beginning in the 1960s, the American pop artist had a camera by his side at all times. He often captured his portraits at his legendary studio, widely known as The Factory, his beach house, or anywhere else he would stumble across his friends, for that matter.

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Andy Warhol Photos 3

Vintage EverydayIn 1980, Andy Warhol captured a dinner that he, Mick Jagger, and author William S. Burroughs had together.

Rare Historical Photos Of Important Moments Big And Small

Boy Shoes

Bored PandaAustrian boy receives new shoes during WWII

Sometimes, history’s most impactful and poignant moments are big ones: wartime triumphs, major assassinations, deadly natural disasters. But, perhaps just as often, those important moments are small ones, moments that belong only to one or two people whose names the history books will never remember.

And if we’re truly lucky, both kinds of moments, the big and the small, are photographed so that we can all commemorate them decades later.

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Grave Wall

Bored PandaThe graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, Holland, 1888

Wwii Train

Bored PandaJewish prisoners just liberated from a death train, 1945

Prize Winning Rabbits And Their Owners

Rabbit DL11

Katya RezvayaBill Nelson has been breeding rabbits since 1983. He has about 60 animals, and think that’s too many to name. This is one is called DL11.

After watching a documentary on rabbit conventions, photographer Katya Rezvaya was inspired to travel from her native Russia to Oregon so that she could take portraits of bunnies and their owners at the American Rabbit Breeders Association convention. She took photographs of 30 attendees and their adorable pets, which she hopes to document in a book called Oh My Rabbits.

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Rabbit Snickers

Katya Rezvaya12-year-old Peyton with one of her rabbits. “Raising rabbits by myself I learned responsibility,” she said.

Rabbit Henry

Katya Rezvaya Kaytlyn with her bunny, Henry. “At one of the shows the cage got opened and all four rabbits ran out. I started to cry as thought I was never going to catch them. And as I’m crying and going to get my mother, all four rabbits just started to follow me. They followed me like I was their mom,” she said.

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