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Published July 1, 2016
Updated June 30, 2016

Absurd vintage cologne ads, the Vietnam War from the soldiers’ perspective, hilarious 1960s tabloid headlines, Japan’s gorgeous rainy season, Times Square’s brutal 1970s.


Vintage Everyday

Vintage Cologne Ads That Look Absolutely Ridiculous Today


Vintage Everyday

What can you say about these 1960s and 1970s cologne ads that they don’t already say — nay, shout with all their might in an over-the-top display of machismo that’s utterly laughable today — for themselves?

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Musk Oil

Vintage Everyday

Japan’s Rainy Season Creates Scenes Like Paintings Come To Life

Colorful Fish

Hidenobu Suzuki/500px

Each year, from early June through mid-July, the rainy season comes to Japan. Precipitation goes up and tourism goes down. But what those who don’t venture to Japan in this short season are missing is the serene beauty of the buildings and landscapes as the rains come down.

Fortunately, Japanese photographer Hidenobu Suzuki is there to capture it all. Enjoy more of Suzuki’s photos at 500px.

Purple Flowers

Hidenobu Suzuki/500px

Waterfall Mist

Hidenobu Suzuki/500px

Hilarious National Enquirer Front Page Headlines From The 1960s

Untitled 1

Vintage Everyday

Before all the Internet gossip, tabloids like the National Enquirer were the place to get all the juicy celebrity gossip. Whether then or now, some things celebrities do are indeed crazy and warrant crazy headlines, but these vintage tabloid front pages from the 1960s are truly ridiculous.

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Hayworth Bancroft

Vintage Everyday

Streisand Loren

Vintage Everyday

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