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Published June 10, 2016
Updated June 9, 2016

The Life Of The 21st Century Cowboy Revealed

Cowboy Horses

Jane Hilton/The Atlantic

Though raised in England, Jane Hilton has been obsessed with the American Old West since she was a child. So when she got the chance to road trip across America, she photographed 21st century cowboys — usually in their homes — and managed to captured a stunning slice of a disappearing American tradition.

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Cowboy Blue

Jane Hilton/The Atlantic

Cowboy Funeral

Jane Hilton/The Atlantic

21 Weird Sex Facts You Definitely Didn’t Learn In Health Class

Chimpanzee Porn

ATI Composite

You’ve been doing it since you were 17, will do it with four to six people in your lifetime, and, even if you’re married, will still do it at least once a week. But how much do you really know about sex?

The answer to that question may very well be “not a lot,” and perhaps that’s because there are plenty of weird sex facts that you just don’t want to know. Here are a handful that may keep you out of the bedroom for a while — or maybe not.


ATI Composite

Old People Sex

ATI Composite

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